Delivery of flowers for Mourning in SWITZERLAND.

It is customary to send flowers for a funeral to the families of the deceased on the occasion of the loss of a loved one.

Other compositions also exist wreaths of flowers, or wreaths are placed on the burial places of the deceased, a way to show them one last time our affection.

How to choose the composition of your mourning flowers.

Depending on your relationship with the family and the deceased, depending on your preference for certain flowers, you will not choose the same mourning composition.

Here are a few examples of compositions for choosing the most appropriate mourning flowers for the type of funeral ceremony.

A bouquet of funeral flowers can be delivered to the family home but also to the place of the ceremony.

The wreath of flowers, an essential composition for a funeral

A funeral wreath is a cone-shaped floral arrangement.

The wreath of mourning flowers is generally reserved for religious ceremonies, for the cemetery or for the funeral home. It is offered at the time of the funeral.

It is also a sober and delicate tribute to the deceased.

The mourning cushion and symbolic form

The mourning cushion is generally a composition of flowers stitched in a foam of round or square shape.

We offer you flower, square, rectangle, cross or heart shaped cushion for mourning.

We deliver at your convenience, to the place of worship, to the funeral home or for the ceremony.

The burial flower crown

The crown of flowers, or round mortuary crown. Can measure up to 110 cm, it can be accompanied by a ribbon with an inscription in tribute to the deceased.

The top of the coffin

The coffin top is the essential funeral piece to adorn the coffin during the funeral ceremony.

The coffin top is traditionally ordered by the family close to the deceased.

It is possible to integrate a ribbon which will bear an inscription