During the store closing period due to the Covid-19, deliveries are maintained ...

-Yes, we deliver ...

-Yes, you can pick up flowers .. (but under certain conditions).

For deliveries:

  place your orders online,

-by email (blueflowers@bluewin.ch),

- by phone (+4121 617 92 46). And we deliver

To pick up:

Place your order as above,

-by email (blueflowers@bluewin.ch),

- by phone (+4121 617 92 46) and we set an appointment time to pick up your order at the collection point outside outside the store ...

The flower shop Blue Flowers, specialist flower delivery in the canton of Vaud, in Switzerland and abroad, offers the creation of unique and seasonal bouquets of flowers, cut flowers, arrangements and decoration of flowers. your events such as wedding, baptism, and receptions.

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